Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 30: Whole30 Completed!

Meal 1: Beanitos Bean Chips with mango salsa and chicken. Avocado, too!
Meal 2: Hamburger...
Meal 3: Chicken, spaghetti sauce, spaghetti squash.

I really need to make a menu. Too many veggies, can't eat them all before they go bad. If only I had a menu to eat broccoli this day, celery that day, squash this day, broccoli again this day...

Blah, blah.

Anyway, I'm totally done with this diet and now I get to slowly add in more Good Foods! I'm totally excited! I won't be adding in sugar at all (if I can help it)! I know almond flour isn't good for me right now, so I will have to get creative with my coconut flour in making bread-like foods. Maybe I will try coconut tortillas. It sounds really egg whitey, so we'll see how that goes. Maybe I will just order them online. >.<

{insert picture of me smiling, being all skinny, and feeling great}

Life is good, thanks for your support through this! Slowly I will turn my family into healthy eaters. Jimmy may never know the good of this, but at least my boys can start now. Well, after all that junk food disappears. Jimmy's shopping list had a bit too many sweets on it. :|

I'll still be updating! Not sure I will do it daily... but I will at least post the good recipes!

You're all awesome! Have a great weekend! I'll be home from Church tomorrow with sick kids. Joey has a fever and we are all probably carriers of something. Jimmy was sick on Friday and both boys threw up (in the car, of course) one after another on Thursday. Gotta love cleaning up someone else's puke!

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