Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 8: Support for Whole30

I am thrilled that I now have a friend doing Whole30 with me! It's been so awesome to eat healthy {expensive} food! Amber and I just went grocery shopping at Wegman's and Walmart in Mbg. Basically I'm going to fall asleep while I type this. I need to stop abusing my body and let it rest! I was walking so slow in the stores, but picked up the pace when Amber was haulin' lol. She probably wanted to get home, too! Neither of us had eaten dinner. My legs are aching and my arms are starting to hurt and I am beyond tired. It was fun, though, actually going out to find these random things for this diet. I'm glad we were able to go together because I don't know if I'd ever end up finding good foods to switch things up. She was getting sausage and peppers and tomatoes... (I thought we couldn't have the latter two lol.) I would text Bonnie and ask her where this and that were located. She was totally awesome! Pretty sure I called her 5x and texted her just as much. Thank you, Bonnie! So, so awesome of you to help us n00bs out! I'm so proud of Amber for doing this diet because she wants to. It will be great to have a little support system and do meals together! We were a little disappointed to find NO bacon we could eat! They all had sugar in them! (Let me remind you that Whole30 is stricter than Paleo.)


Meal 1: Leftover pork loin (I finally bought coconut flour to make some coconut tortillas; at least some form of bread-like substance I can have with my meals! I saw a recipe in a cookbook Bonnie let me borrow and then my friend was looking for coconut wraps, but the store didn't sell them.)
Meal 2: I don't even think I ate! I had a late lunch. Maybe some mac nuts and almonds. Oops! You have to understand that mornings are really tough to get up and make breakfast. I'm hoping with these new ingredients I can make some awesome "muppins" to eat with some broth and sausage!!
Meal 3: Another hamburger! I love this organic, grass-fed beef! I would eat a hamburger for every meal if I could! I didn't have it like a hamburger, though.. just put it over lettuce w/ tomato, with sauteed onions & mushrooms (cooked with ghee! oh my yummy; I will be sooooo embarrassed if that jar is gone before I'm done with the 30 days!), with a side of nectarine! I had a picture, but I realize all my food photos don't look the least bit appetizing. I think sea salt adds TONS of flavor to it and that ghee is heavenly LOL!

{oot and aboot}

I am exhausted! For my 29 Gifts, I made this cute card (with my Silhouette Cameo..that took forevs), then ran out to the store to grab a treat, and then to drop it off. Then I got home and wanted to nap, but knew I was going to be going out again shortly.

It was an exhausting time at Wegman's and Walmart. I am trying so hard to keep my eyes opened as I type this. I got home, put groceries away, made my yummy dinner, and relaxed in bed. I really hope I can fall asleep early tonight! It's already almost 10 and I am SO ready to sleep. Last night I tried going to bed at 10:30; ended up being 10:45, then 11:30, then midnight, then before you know it, it's 1am and I'm finally out. Anyway, after I much exhausting day (why, why do I do this to myself??), I came into the kitchen and found this:

What!? Flowers for ME!? Oh, it was so, so sweet to come home to this surprise! I asked Jimmy (skeptical, of course) if he got those for me and he told me who they were really from LOL! Beautiful, and THANK YOU! I'm so bummed I wasn't home for it and to greet who gave these to me, but I love them!

It is Spring Break for Jimmy, so I'm glad he will get to help me out more around here. Hopefully we can venture out and do something fun. Maybe Gettysburg. I need to find a wheelchair. I can't even handle grocery shopping. Mostly I want to do some Spring Cleaning. I am so tired of this mess. We need to bag up toys to sell at the Consignment Shop next month and hide them so the kids don't make messes with them. Wait, I'm rambling. I'm totally going to bed now! Mmm, after I write about Gift 3. 

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