Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 9: Carrot Cake

So, I missed that part on how to plate the meals correctly. Ha ha! Glad I have Amber to keep me on track. Put the protein on the plate, fill the rest with veggies. In my defense, I didn't have my book handy. ;) I forget easily, but I guess the worse thing was not eating enough veggies.

Meal 1: Sausage link, almond/coconut flour biscuits (they. were. nasty.)
Meal 2: Hamburger (lol) with Romaine lettuce, kale, & tomatoes.
Meal 3: Chicken curry kabobs (red & green peppers and onions) with nectarines and kiwis.

I am completely exhausted again. Mornings are very, very difficult for me. I have noticed a pattern the past couple of days when I wake and do the b-fast thang I am ready for a nap after that. I'm sluggish, sore, and tired until about early afternoon; after I've had lunch.

I baked a gluten-free/almond flour carrot cake for Jae, but then I decided not to make coconut cream frosting and sent Jimmy to the store to get heavy whipping cream for a paleo cream cheese frosting. Recipe for the carrot cake and cream cheese frosting is here, if you're interested. They really aren't kidding when they say, "carrot" cake! I had to have Jimmy grate all the carrots for me. (My arms have been starting to be really weak lately and I managed to grate half of one before giving up.)
imagae from

We don't have round cake pans, so I made a 9" square cake and a bunch of muffins. I didn't even have a bite; is that control or what?! Heh, it's all good, if I were to cheat, I'd cheat on a bite of sticky rice. I know, I'm rad.

Amber stopped by to pick up and drop off some food. We were saying, "I have this you can have." "I have that you can have" when we were going grocery shopping. So, we just shared some food to save money and time.

Then I cut up some nectarines and kiwis to take to our friend's house for dinner. And we brought the carrot cake, too! They were so thoughtful to make a meal that I could eat! It was delicious! Chicken curry kabobs! I ate all but 2 of Jimmy's peppers lol. It was the tastiest kabob I think I've ever had! The kids played and we got to visit and get to know them a bit better. Wonderful, wonderful family! Thank you!

I got home and was feeling alive and so full of energy that I... put Joey to bed, did the dishes, was going to put Jae to bed after I finished the dishes, but he fell asleep on my bed after playing on the LeapPad2, I cooked Jimmy some dinner (since he only had a couple of chicken pieces), cleaned Jimmy's closet out, and started to clean my side of the bed, and watched an episode of "Robotics;Notes" with Jimmy. Guys, that's like.. amazing. :)  I crashed after that for about an hour and forced myself to write this post and my 29 Gift post.

Hope you all had a fabulous Saturday!

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