Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 22: Upset Stomach

Why must I stray from what's good for me!? I snacked on pistachios throughout the day and my stomach was killing me ALL day! At first I thought it was my friend's bread that I had with breakfast, but realized that the pain in my stomach was hours after I ate that. I had been snacking on pistachios and didn't catch on until DINNERTIME that it was no bueno for me.

Meal 1: I had a bite of pear, bread from friend, and pistachios. Where are my veggies/protein when you need 'em? I'm so horrible at this! Mornings are rough.
Meal 2: Hamburger with paleo mayo and cave ketchup (I mixed them to make fry sauce! The ketchup tasted better with mayo in it), tomato, salad.
Meal 3: A sister in the ward brought chicken and potatoes. It was spicy! I could only eat the chicken (wasn't sure what exactly was in the sauce) and Jimmy only ate the potatoes. Jae tried the chicken and immediately took a drink of water and said it was too "bicy". Joey had a couple of bites of chicken and then he said he was finished. :| So, they had sandwiches.

No fotos today.. Just hung out and enjoyed destroying the living room, my bedroom, the boys room, and the kitchen. :) Tomorrow will be fun cleaning. >.< We did go out and buy Jae more "peent." He wants to paint and we've been out of paint for weeks.

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