Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 11: Rejuvination

Meal 1: Pork chop, steamed broccoli, some carrot, and Romaine lettuce.
Meal 2: Shredded chicken with sauteed onions and mushrooms. (I know, I'm boring, but I still haven't planned out my meals. Still got ADD in my head!) (I got a wicked stomach ache; first one since I started this diet. I don't think the onions were cooked enough. Or maybe it WAS the onions.)
Meal 3: Steak, salted and steamed asparagus, sauteed onions (yes, in ghee. I was feeling good today, so I figured I'd go for it), Romaine lettuce with kale, and a piece of nectarine. (I realized I wasn't able to eat the chili that a sister's daughter made for my family and I. Bummer! It looked and smelled SO good!)

Woke with a sore throat. My guess is it's from the Raindrop Technique. Put some lemon oil on my throat to get rid of it. Slept 7 hours last night; what a miracle!

Jimmy's not doing so hot with the diet and neither are the boys. It may be longer until they are 100% on it, but for now I will just focus on myself because I'm greedy like that. They still eat healthy most of the time, though--don't worry!

Today's temptation: A tomato.


I feel so rejuvenated today!
Web definitions
the phenomenon of vitality and freshness being restored; "the annual rejuvenation of the landscape".

I know Heavenly Father is doing what he can to help me get better. He has sent me to an awesome family and through that family I was led to a new way of healing. You can read here about it (this is the mentor of a distant relative. Not so distant with FB! Thank you!). So, with everything I have been given, the prayers, the fasting, all the raw materials I need to get healthy, I am excited to have had an awesome day today! We went to the library, returned a cookie sheet, went to Wegman's, and I did the dishes and cooked meals and tidied up without any tingling/weak/heavy limbs after that phone call. I'm tired now and hope that's a good sign so that I can go to sleep! I got 7 hours last night, which was awesome for me, but I gotta keep it up and get more zzz's.

I hope to have more good days than bad days from here on out. I think the mornings might be rough still, but I will put some positive thinking into all I do. Thank you all for thinking of me! The FB messages, the texts, the prayers.. thank you all for your well wishes!

Now, let's hope I didn't jinx myself being so positive. Ha ha!

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