Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 25: Whole30 Crash

I'm not sure what's up with today, but I CRASHED my diet during Meal 3. I don't know if I need more sleep, if it's PMS (Jimmy says I have that all the time LOL lucky guy), the kids, the cold-snowy-not-spring-like weather or what. But, I seriously wanted to eat a bunch of non-compliant Whole30 foods today. And, for Meal 3 I did just that and I am beyond bloated. Ha ha! (At least that's the worst feeling??)

Meal 1: I think I had my last hamburger I had cooked earlier this week. With tomatoes and avocados. And I had half a banana.
Meal 2: 1 1/2 pieces of pork sausage. Pumpkin pancakes. I had to find a new recipe. I'm still trying to find one that I like. It's probably hard to find one that tastes good that doesn't have sugar in it. I'm still trying to get used to this coconut flour. Almond flour makes me bloated (as well as almonds and pistachios and any other nuts). 
Meal 3:
Rice with Chicken Crusted Parmesan something. Ha ha, I don't remember, but I used my paleo mayo, shredded parm cheese (NOT Whole30 compliant), and PANKO (NOT Whole30 compliant) sprinkled on it and baked. It was delicious! The only thing good for me out of that whole meal was the chicken. I totally didn't care by this point, so I just ate it. I sprinkled my chicken with coconut flour, so the parm cheese wasn't good for me, but there really wasn't very much in it altogether. Well, Joey was freaking out because he wanted MY chicken. Wow, really? So, I ate his (his was better anyway) and he had mine. I don't usually give in like that, but it was better I do that than something else. I was seriously at the end of my rope at that point. And it's a dang good thing Jimmy got home from work early today. (Just half an hour early. His hour commute turned into an hour and a half because of car accidents and road closures from the snow.) And, yeah, I said I was done with rice, but I can't give that up right now. I know it's not the best thing for me (as my stomach is bloated) but today, it was worth it.

I was just SO annoyed with this diet today. I felt restricted and didn't want to do it anymore, but I only have 5 days left. Can't quit now! But, I sure can take a knife to one of the days. Ha ha! I am tired of vegetables ALL the time; so much work to prep. I will prep them this week with some help, though. Then maybe I can just grab some carrot sticks and squash or whatever whenever I need them.

To top everything off, Jae peed his underwear and we got a complaint that our children are too noisy. I'm so annoyed. Said there was loud noises and banging on the walls. I really don't think my kids bang on the walls. Jimmy says they do, so maybe they bang on the walls when I'm gone? It was reported yesterday, so I'll have to see what time so I can have them settle down more???  I'm so bugged by this! "Sorry, kids, you have to be excited and happy in a whisper or we'll have no place to live." /eye roll

Anyway, that is all. Today was stupid and tomorrow will be a better day! (Well, unless of course it really is worse, but let's be optimistic here, shall we?)

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Amy J said...

Hang in there! Better luck tomorrow!!!