Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 24: Hamburgers...nom nom nom

I had the same 3 meals all day today: Hamburgers, salad, tomatoes,  carrots, and fruit: blueberries, banana, & pear.

I love hamburgers.

We were a tad bit late for Church this morning. Couldn't quite get out of bed in time. Exhausted as I write this!

I have leftover chicken and curry soup that I still need to eat. I guess I could have switched it up a bit. Maybe tomorrow when I'm not so rushed. >.< (In a rush for Church, in a rush for nap after Church, in a rush helping make dinner.)

Church was great and dinner was fun with friends. Jimmy made a "St. Patrick's Day" meal with corned beef. Darn, I couldn't partake. Ha ha! I did try some... tasted like SPAM from a can. Soooo, I was pretty content with my burger. :)

I am beyond tired, so goodnight!

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