Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 17: Kalua Pork

I had more energy today! Must have been the spiritual rejuvenation from Church! It was an amazing morning! We were running late this morning because of the whole Daylight Saving Time thing. Anyway, our church building is 20-22 minutes away and we got EVERY green light on the way there! It was awesome and that hasn't happened before today! It was fun! Jimmy kept saying we just hit Combo 6 and wondered if we'd make the 7th combo. Gamers... Weird. Church was awesome; it was Jae's first time singing with the Primary in Sacrament Meeting. He was so cute! May or may not have picked his nose a bit...

Meal 1: 1/4 banana, maybe some nuts? We were in a hurry to get to Church. And then I snacked on mac nuts and almonds during Sunday School. :|
Meal 2: Rice and chicken and then I went to sleep and cleaned.. didn't eat much. Was saving up for dinner, I guess. Wow, I really stink at this "whole meal" thing.
Meal 3: Kalua Pork! Oh, yummy! I did have rice.. and sauteed carrots in coconut oil. And green beans that Jimmy made that were sauteed with garlic in ghee.

Jae has been doing so awesome with potty training lately. Yeah, I have kept quiet about it because he was being either lazy or stubborn about it. But, with the emotion code, there was a stubborn emotion that was able to be released from me, Jae, and one other person. I truly believe it helped Jae complete his potty training. He hasn't had a single accident since March 6! You can call it a coincidence, but it seriously has to be the emotion code that Suzie did. I've been reading "The Emotion Code" for hours on end. It's SO awesome! But then, it wouldn't go past page 1277. Something was malfunctioned on the formatting of the eBook, so hopefully in 2 weeks I get a refund or a new eBook that works. The book really isn't over 1,000 pages, BTW. The formatting is just screwed up and takes 3 pages turns to complete one page turn.

Anyway, very awesome read if you are interested in reading up on it. Trapped emotions can cause our pains and troubles. Troubles..IDK if that's the word. Mabes.

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