Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update: Almost 4 months later

So... I found out I was pregnant and totally went off Whole30. Ate crap food, couldn't even enjoy steak, and ate a lot of processed food. I think I am finally getting .some. energy to cook proper meals for my family again and do Whole9. Yep, for life. We will try this again and hope for the best. Towards the end of the first round I couldn't figure out why I was getting hungry ALL the time or why certain foods didn't sound good or smell good anymore. Lo and behold, a fetus festering inside of me. I am still gaggy, but hoping that will change as I go back to clean eating. My boys have suffered immensely during this "off" time and we all need to go back to eating clean. I plan on doing a nutrition session with my friend, Suzie, ( to figure out what foods are best for our bodies in regards to this diet. Who knows, maybe dairy will be allowed for some! I will update as soon as I get started. I think the boys will ease their way into it as they have their box of fruit snacks and Gogurts to eat through. Slow and steady wins the race, right? ;)

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