Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 1.. again

So, I am doing this Whole9. Yeah, not Whole30... Whole9. I think I will document my first 30 days again and see how I am doing. Feel free to follow or not. I don't curr.

My family will eventually get eased into. I hope I have enough energy to last me through having a newborn. :| I know I will be tired, but hopefully not fatigued. (Ha ha, like there's a difference with a newb.)

Today I didn't eat a whole lot. Piece of fresh deli sliced turkey for breakfast and later on a banana.

I had some pork with a bunch of spices/herbs that I crockpotted a couple of days ago.

Dinner was that yummy mango salsa on some chicken tenderloins. Nom nom!

Jae helped me prep veggies and the mango today while Joey slept. Jae was eating cukes and mango as we cut. I also prepped red, green, and yellow peppers; Romas; and probably something else that I can't remember. So much stuff, made me so tired!

But, I did get to Visit Teach (last day of the month, w00t!) and am so happy and blessed I get to visit the friend that I do! I just love her!

Next time I will post a picture because we all know Asians can't eat without posting food pics. :P

Symptoms: Seasonal allergies (stuffy nose, itchy eyeballs, scratchy throat). Some energy is coming back, but still tired most the day.

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