Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pantry and Groceries



I did not get an after shot because we had to go grocery shopping and still had laundry to do. Jimmy was being more than difficult with this whole thing. He had a hard time parting with his food. Mostly his... vegetable oil?!  Seriously? I kept telling him we are switching to Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil. Permanently. I haven't even been through the cupboards yet and plan on doing that when he is gone so he doesn't see anything I throw/give away!

Wow, kids totally junked up the camera lens on Jimmy's phone! Anyway, who knew Wegman's sold truffles?! That is definitely not in our budget. Fun to take a picture of it, though! :)  We got some organic and grass fed meats, veggies (some organic), fruits, coconut milk, almond flour, and some other good stuff.

When we got home, I was completely wiped out.  This is very difficult when you can't function very well. Ha! Wish me luck tomorrow that I actually can get out of bed for breakfast and make some food stuff.

sore throat due to detoxing/virus
fatigue (surprise, surprise)

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