Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 5: Mixed Emotions

Meal 1: I don't remember. Chicken and applesauce maybe? (I really need to go grocery shopping; this is getting repetitious. But, I probably wouldn't prep anything even if I did go shopping.)
Meal 2: I made almond flour pancakes and fried a prosciutto. I may or may not have cheated on this one. I can't remember what's a cheat and what's not. Killed me making those things, though. My legs hurt somethin' fierce today. Maybe it was the rain; no joke. Jae LOVED these! Joey, not so much.
(last bottle of Gatorade. Promise the boys will go Paleo when I have more energy or get my act together. Whichever comes first.)

This is a rare occurrence from Jae: 

Meal 3: Trying to think of what I could eat. It's 9:47pm and probably too late to eat dinner anyway. I've been a bit.. emotional.. as they say.. didn't have an appetite for anything.

{my day}
Today was awesome, though! Happy day, sad evening.  This morning, my friends were able to help me out.. a lot! They came and cleaned my kitchen! Like, deep-cleaning cleaned. I crawled around the living room tidying up as much as I could. Jae went to friend's husband to play and I put Joey down for a nap, so he slept while we were all cleaning. I am so grateful for their service! I know my friend may feel the works of her labor tomorrow morning, so I am very grateful to her! When my friend dropped Jae back home, he had a flower for me! Apparently before I got to the door, Jae told her he wouldn't eat the flower. LOL! She took him to the floral shop and he picked out the flower. So, so sweet! Girl, you sure know how to brighten one's day! Ok, and Jae! :)

i < 3 my gerber daisy!

As I was getting lunch cleaned up, I hear Jae calling for me. "Mom! Come hewe, come hewe! It's an emewgency!" (How does he know how to use that word?!) I went over to the pantry and there was Joey.. throwing jarred baby food (why do I still have those?) on the floor. The carrots broke open, so I put him in his crib so I could clean up the mess. Jae was so cute and wanted to help, but I told him it was dangerous with the broken glass. (Ha ha, how'd you know? Here comes a YouTube vid..)

Yes, the little stinker even smiled and said, "cheese" for the camera.

By the time I got that cleaned up, I was exhausted! I went to go take a nap and let the boys mess up the living room. >.<  Then, a little later, there was a knock on the door. It was another friend! Oh, crumb! Totes forgot she was coming to cut Jae's hair. Ha ha! I'm glad she remembered! How awesome and what a great service! It was fun to visit with her while she cut Jae's hair.

I'm so humbled by all this service! Relief Society is such a wonderful organization! I'm still trying to figure all this food out, but I'll get there! In the meantime, meals, haircuts, cleaning, and babysitting have helped me so much! I'm not the best in receiving service, but I love to give service!

Before Jimmy got home from class, I locked myself in my room and had a little crying fest, ha ha!  Just over-analyzing things. And then, Kristina called me! I had been texting her earlier. It was great talking to her--we were roommates for a little while at BYUH. I guess I just don't think to call people because I never have minutes. >.<  We both have 2 boys about the same age and it was a treat to actually talk to her. And then I texted/chatted with Amy and Amber and all my problems seemed so small. Time will do what will happen with my health. In the meantime, I hope this is my only cry-fest for the next 2 months. ;)


Jimmy let the boys in the room and we all hung out before bed.

Brothers :)
(I was actually trying to get a pic of Jae because he is so handsome w/ his new haircut and Joey decided he wanted in, too):

(Well, this was as best I could do. He doesn't hold still for very long.)

Tomorrow will be a great day of rest for me! A sister in the ward is going to take the boys for me for a couple of hours. How wonderful!

And... This is the song you were thinking of, too--right?!
leg heaviness
etc. :P

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Quin Stringham said...

Wow, you have had quite a day! Highs and lows... and great service and great time to let out those emotions! I love you sweet sister!