Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 4: Energy for 2 Minutes

Guys, it was awesome! After Jimmy left for York, I actually got out of bed, got the kids fed, got something for myself, and then I got super tired. For 2 minutes I had energy; it felt great! It's like a teaser, though. Ha ha! I actually was able to get the dishes done and cook a meal (instead of resulting to leftovers). Still tired and legs heavy/tingling, though. Here are a few pictures of our day:

Jae admitted to taking my yarn and doing this to Joey's crib. I don't even know WHEN he did this! Could've been last night when they weren't sleeping or this morning.

Jae is getting a haircut tomorrow.

Jae wanted to make a flower. So cute! Instead of telling him, "after I sleep," I made him a flower. I also let him glue some googly eyes on a piece of paper. I was preparing dinner, so didn't see how much he used. Pretty sure all that glue could cover the whole piece of paper. I think you can see it in a picture later on.

 Dinner was some kind of glazed chicken. Ha, too lazy to go check the recipe book. (Yes, that is a picture of out of the book in case mine didn't turn out so well.) ;) They turned out great, BTW!

This is Joey dumping his water on toys and on the carpet.

This is what my living room looks like on a daily basis. Unless we know someone is coming. Because we all know that you clean the fastest and the most is 10 minutes before somebody comes over. Jae likes to "droy duh touwch" and the boys love to climb all over and play on them. Pick your battles, right?

 This is what you DON'T see in pic posted above. It's just what happens when you're so tired.

I feel bad I'm not one of those wifeys that clean up before the husband comes home. It gets too crazy: you can have dinner or you can have a clean apartment. It's too much to keep up. I think I clean up the living room once a week.

What I look like when I hear the front door unlock and the house is a mess:

 This is how I feel inside about not cleaning:

But, at least hubby has dinner!

Yep. You know you love me.

Dinner for the boys was Pillsbury crescent rolls (they were in the fridge and needed to get eaten), Jae is having peaches, and some shredded chickens. (Yeah, Jae doesn't use his fork; he pretends he's a crane. Someday I will teach him table etiquette! I did, but then he got obsessed with cranes.)

Joey wasn't dressed for this occasion so I won't post the picture, but he had rice, applesauce, and shredded chicken.
Here is my Meal 3.. lettuce, shredded chicken, and peaches. I ended up throwing away the lettuce because it was frozen. (And, there is Jae's glue with paper.) 

Meal 1: chicken marrow broth with shredded chicken. I think I had a piece of fruit, too.
Meal 2: Pears in my salad with shredded chicken.
Meal 3: Peaches and chicken. And some mac nuts.

I'm pretty horrible at these meals and I'm not supposed to be eating that much fruit I don't think. I'm going to do a meal plan for a week and do the shopping and prep some stuff if i can. It will be a long process, so until then, I'm just eating chicken. I need more beef!

It was a better day than I've had in a while. Still tired, but doing pretty well considering! I got another call from a ward member and she is taking the boys on Wednesday morning. How awesome will it be to get some decent rest? I love service, I love people who serve, and I love to be the one receiving service even though it's harder to accept than give.

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