Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 3

I need to be more creative. And that will happen as soon as I have more energy. Usually I just wait to get out of bed minutes before Jimmy leaves for school. This morning, though tired, I actually got out of bed. My body feels a little weak still, but at the same time, some energy/liveliness. I'm way tired because Joss thinks he needs to go through a growth spurt and is eating 3x in the night.

I made bread in the breadmaker. White bread; which, I know.. I need to NOT make that. Horrible stuff. Anyway, I was sooooo strong and didn't have a crumb! I made the boys sandwiches. I guess those ingredients are better than what's in the store bought, right? I just need to figure out a way to make healthy bread. Paleo bread falls apart sooo easily.

Been having leftovers lately. No new recipes. Last night I did make hamburgers for dinner. Wrapped in lettuce with homemade mayo! I mashed an avocado with the mayo (too tired by then to make the Dreamy Avocado Ranch dip) and ate it as a "dressing."

Tired by 7:30pm!

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