Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 2

I should title these something more original, huh?

I think both of us are already experiencing some detoxification symptoms. Headaches! I guess it's better than the flu-like symptoms that may or may not come along. ;) Whose idea was this anyway? Ha ha, it'll get better.

Bfast: I woke up, head pounding, and sat in bed with Joss in my lap wondering what in the world I'd make for bfast. Once I got out of bed, I Googled something like "sweet potato paleo recipes" and clicked on one of the first ones. I came across this and was totes excited (even though the name of it makes me puke thinking about actual Hamburger Helper)! It was also for the GAPS diet! So, instead of sweet potatoes, I used carrots as it suggested. I omitted the coconut flour because Jimmy doesn't like coconut anything. I think once his gut is cleansed and healed, he will like more foods. He is the pickiest eaters on this planet. Pretty sure. I also didn't add any greens to the stuff, so we'll just have Romaine lettuce and tomatoes and avocados on the side. The more green the meal looks, the less chance of Jimmy trying it. But, he does OK with salad. Oops, forgot to add garlic. Oh, well--Joss will thank me later. I cooked up 2 fried eggs for Jimmy to go with it, too.

Jae came and ate most the carrots out of the pan.

Lunch: We had leftover breakfast stuff and Jimmy had a chicken salad.

Dinner: Chuck roast (that didn't turn out so well because I didn't have the crockpot ready), grapes, raw carrot, avocado, lettuce.

And, sorry to disappoint, but there's been a little misunderstanding. See, with ADD I forget things I have told Jimmy and then it creates a war with words. Nothing terrible, just frustration on my end. The diet is a no-go. I will just worry about myself and heal myself first. It's been very difficult to do this diet with picky eaters. I feel like the world's worst mother, world's worst wife, and just a waste of space. This is not a pity party, so no need to sympathize. I'm just saying what's on my mind and will regret later it's on the interwebz. >_<

I KNOW that Gaps Diet and Whole30 can reduce symptoms in the body. Mental, physical... it can help. No one on the Facebook wants to believe me and they all think I'm crazy for posting things in regards to healthy eating. These diets also give you energy once the die-off phase has passed.

So, for now I guess I am solo on this diet. Don't get me wrong, Jimmy was very supportive of this, but there were other things that are making this difficult to continue on. I'm super depressed, super frustrated, and super annoyed. I wish I could tell you the underlying reason for wanting us all to do this, but that will have to wait.

Wish me luck as I continue on. I'm tired of my children being too hyper, tired of my house being a mess, tired of my kids not sitting still in church (yes, I do believe Whole9 can help with this), tired of being tired, tired of people telling me diet won't change the way you feel, tired of working so hard these past couple of days all for nothing.

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