Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meal Planning

I hate it.

I hate meal planning!

I started a couple of nights go and I'm still trying to finish it so I can go to Wegman's and get the goods. I blame my ADD. It honestly isn't because I have 3 children and a husband in law school. I have time at nights, well, sort of. Joss is pretty demanding of my time at night. But, I do have time to sit and figure things out. If only I could finish. I'm going to have to before the weekend gets here, though!

I'm anxious to start Whole30 up again. March 1 is the big day! I'm tired of having no energy. I'm tired of actually SEEING myself gaining weight. (Yup, petite people gain weight, too.) I'm tired of my boys being out. of. control.  I'm not expecting that they will be perfect little angels, but I'm expecting to see some change; some calm. Jimmy's bloated, needs more energy, and other stuff.

No more Gogurts for the kids. No more juice boxes (even though I buy the Fruitables; hey, I like to justify choices.) No more unbleached flour. No more bread. No more feeling like garbage!

Wish us luck!

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