Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 1.. for realsies!

I'm starting again with the Whole9 Program. I plan on eating grains in 30 days, but not sugar! As for the other stuffs (dairy, legumes, etc.) I don't know if or when I will re-introduce those. Jimmy is cooking me up a bunch of chicken for today and I will probably have him do all my other meats. :P He cooks amazing meats with his iron skillet.

For breakfast I had half of a banana to keep me from starving as I fed the boys and did the dishes. The boys had egg+cheese wraps. The rest of my bfast was a kale and cabbage salad (Costco) with grilled chicken. I know, I need a healthy fat, too. Ran out of avocados! Going to Wegman's today to get a bunch of stuff... maybe. It's windy out and a high of 38 with 19MPH winds. Brr.

I'm also eating this salad withou dressing. I love dressing. Anyway, this is the salad:

It has a bunch of other good veggies in there, too! This has a poppyseed dressing (which I can't have) and dried cranberries with pepita seeds! SO GOOD!

For lunch:

For dinner:

Also, this is the difference between Whole9 and Whole30:

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